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Baked Apricot Compote with Lavender

Baked Apricot Compote with Lavender

Apricot Compote Recipe


500gr Apricots

1 Glass of White Wine

3 Spoons of Sugar

1 Spoon of Powdered Lavender


Before peel and chop the apricots, boil for 2 minutes to blanch.

Put in a pan the white wine, sugar and lavender and let everything cook for two or three minutes over medium heat. Stir to dissolve the sugar and wait for a few minutes. Then strain the mixture.

Add the chopped apricots with the compote and cook a few minutes more. Let stand again.

Baked apricots are a wonderful filling for cakes, a delicious coverage for yogurt or simply a genuine and healthy roasted fruit dessert.


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